Get Your ACT Together: Teacher's Guide




    Get Your ACT Together: The Fabulous Guide to the ACT: Teacher's Edition is filled with everything a classroom teacher needs to design and execute an effective lesson plan. Key features include:

    Detailed Problem Solutions Every practice problem comes with convenient, nearby answers to help teachers stay informed. And, to help teachers focus on precisely why their students are missing math problems, we have included step-by-step, fully-worked solutions to every practice problem in the Math section.

    Helpful Guides to Each Chapter Every class is different, and teachers get the best results when they combine their own experience, personality, and insights with the resources in The Fabulous Guide to the ACT. To help teachers brainstorm their instruction, we have included our best, section-specific insights before each chapter.

    Common Core Alignment We know that planning a course curriculum around multiple tests can prove challenging for even the savviest of modern teachers. To help teachers plan their course curriculum, this teacher's guide comes with a complete map to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

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