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Your AP Scores are Here – Now What?

Posted by Natalie Murphree on July 11, 2017 in Admissions, Featured

The College Board released scores from the May 2017 AP Exam cycle starting on July 5th — if you have not yet received your results, head on over to the College Board website, login, and your scores should be available to view!

Now that you have your scores, the question becomes how they will affect the college admissions process and your eligibility to receive college credit. Your AP scores will mean different things to you as you go through your high school career — students who are beginning college this fall can put together a finalized plan for which courses they may be able to skip and how much college credit they have earned before setting foot on campus. Students who still have a year or more of high school can start to see how their scores may affect their college careers and help them choose which AP courses they may want to take in the coming school years. Read on to see how you can use your scores to plan ahead for your academic future!

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