Our Digital SAT and PSAT Practice Tests Are Here

The digital SAT launched outside the U.S. in March. For U.S.-based students, the PSAT will be digital this October, with the SAT following closely behind in March 2024. With the new test arriving so quickly, our team has been hard at work creating a digital practice test, which is now available on-demand and free of charge

Who should take a practice digital SAT? 

Our practice digital SAT is a great place for international students to start their test prep journey. It is also great for rising juniors in the U.S. who are exploring their options. Taking a digital practice test now could help you decide whether you want to buckle down now to get the score you want before the test changes or whether you would rather plan to wait until next spring to take the digital test. In addition, we provide a PSAT version of our test for rising juniors who want to start preparing for the PSAT.

Why should I take the Applerouth test and not just the tests in Bluebook?

College board provides 4 practice tests in their Bluebook app and after taking one you can log into your account on College Board’s website to review the test. They give you a score for each section and you can review the individual questions, but Bluebook does not give you any information about types of questions that you struggled with or areas you should focus on studying. There is also no easy way to export your score report to go over it with a tutor.

In contrast, our score reports will give you summary information about how you did on different question types and on questions covering different content areas. Our reports are integrated into our systems to make it easy for one of our tutors to go over them with you. We also provide you with a PDF of the report so that you can reference it without having to be logged in. 

How long does it take to get a score report?

If you take the test on-demand you will receive your score report immediately at the conclusion of our practice test. If you are taking the test as part of a school-organized event, your score report may be distributed at a later time. 

Is Applerouth’s test adaptive?

Yes! Applerouth’s test follows the same structure as the official test and how you do on the first module in each section will determine which second module you get. 

Is there a calculator built in for the math modules?

Yes! We have a basic scientific calculator that will open in the testing platform, much like the calculator does in Bluebook. We also provide a link to open Desmos (the graphing calculator Bluebook provides) in a separate window. 

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