Inside the Apple: IEC Engagement Team

In the three years since we launched The Seed, this “Inside the Apple” feature has taken its educational consultant audience to many nooks and crannies of Applerouth, from our “Mock Squad” to Jed Applerouth himself. But today I’d like to turn the spotlight onto some people you may know very well – our IEC Engagement Team! Whether reporting on a student’s progress or updating you on the latest digital SAT news, the IEC Engagement Team is deeply invested in spreading knowledge (not germs) and facilitating communication. We started doing this quarterly newsletter as part of our goal to provide deeper service, so here’s a chance to get to know the team, and how we go about achieving that goal, a little more!

Like me (DC, MD, VA), Jesse Ramcharan (GA, NY/NJ, Online) began working at Applerouth as a tutor and became an enthusiastic Applerouthian thanks to our beautiful materials and jumped at the chance to interact with people all across the country when he was invited to join the IEC Team full time in 2019. Melissa Pluchos (Charlotte, Chicago, Houston, Seattle, International) found her way to Applerouth by way of collegiate athletic academic advising – she wanted to work with IECs as a long-time admirer of the profession. And our fearless leader, Ginger Fay (Director of IEC Engagement), loves to say that she applied to college for a really, really long time – she has been in the admissions and applications spaces for her entire professional life, including a thriving IEC practice before she joined Applerouth.

There are so many ways that the IEC team helps IECs (so many, in fact, that we made a list!) that it’s hard to pick just one. But if we had to, here’s what they’d be!


You can find information about our Bookshelf, landing pages, mock tests, and more at and you can email the team at to set up a landing page for your practice to facilitate signing your students up for practice tests like this weekend’s July Jumpstart.

One of the IEC Engagement Team’s annual projects is the IEC Survey, where we ask you what you’ve observed during the most recent admissions cycle and then share the findings with you. I hope you’ll find Jesse’s article on the survey and Melissa’s piece on three key takeaways to be educational and perhaps even surprising! I asked our team what they found most interesting about this year’s data (and couldn’t help jumping in myself): 


A long-standing tradition at the beginning of IEC Engagement Team meetings is an icebreaker, so I thought I’d switch it up and end with one instead! I wanted to know if the IEC Engagement Team was a team of superheroes, what would you want your superpower to be?


I’m pretty sure Jesse’s actual superpower is an otherworldly affinity for Excel spreadsheets and while he’s refusing to comment, the charts in his article on the IEC Survey prove my point.

As always, if you’d like to learn more about how the IEC Engagement Team can help you be a superhero to your students, please email and get the conversation started!

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