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Helping Students Thrive – Online

At IECA’s recent Virtual Spring into Summer Conference, Roni Cohen-Sandler spoke to IECs about easing the stress of parents during the application process. She reminded us that parents can feel so anxious themselves that they don’t feel equipped to help their teens. 

IECs are experiencing their own anxiety while trying to hold the worries of their own clients as well. Dr. Cohen-Sandler gave us permission to say that we are all feeling anxious. You are most likely fielding concerns that may be new to this era, yet at their heart, they are similar to your ongoing mission to help families with educational transitions.

The college application process was always stressful and the school decisions and college application implications for this upcoming academic year may feel even more chaotic than usual. Families are digesting and considering so many new variables such as how colleges will interpret high school transcripts, test optional policies, as well as academic options like online academies, neighborhood homeschool pods, and child care providers turning into de facto tutors. We are especially thankful that our communities have educational consultants like yourself to help families with analysis-paralysis this fall. 

Like you, we at Applerouth always focus on what is the best fit for our students and their needs. As standardized tests were cancelled in the spring and the fall looks to be a continuation of online learning for many, we are doing more to remind students, parents, and educators like you that in addition to test prep, we do lots of academic tutoring (and at a lower price point!). In all we do, we continue to draw upon our foundational missions to guide how we help our students: 

  • Start with a Clear Mission. We start each engagement by asking questions and listening carefully. What is a parent saying about their student and goals? What do we hear in their tone? How are they presenting their current circumstances? What qualities are they looking for in a tutor to help bring out the best in their student? Which of our program options can meet their needs and fit their budget?
  • Personalize a Plan for Each Student. We create a plan that addresses the needs, background and unique circumstances of the student. 
  • Hire the Best and Make Them Better. We hire, train and empower experienced teachers as tutors. Moving completely to online delivery this spring and summer has meant that we have been able to consider the full roster of our 200+ tutors without regard to geography when we make a hand-matched tutor placement for each student.
  • Maintain Consistent Communication. Parents and IECs can follow a student’s progress through session reports accessible through your account (if we have your email address, then you have an account, just click ‘Forgot Your Password’ to set one!). We also ask for parent feedback and request grades and test scores throughout the process.

Even when the world feels turned upside down, turning to our strengths can be exactly what is needed to help families tackle unknowns and the worries that uncompany them. You’ve got this, and so do we. Let us know how we at Applerouth can help you and your students.

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