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Applerouth’s Online Tutoring

This quarter, I interviewed Jenna, who is not only the IEC Accounts Manager for the DC area but also a Premium tutor. Jenna has been tutoring in-person for eight years and online for over four years, and also helps train new tutors on using the Zoom platform. Applerouth is a long-time proponent of online tutoring as a way to support students who live far away from in-person resources – but now that online tutoring is a necessity, we wanted to show how useful an online platform really is!

Online tutoring has many benefits: tutors can reach students they would normally never be able to work with, and students can work around their busy schedules to make tutoring work for them.


If you want online tutoring to work for you, find a quiet place and be prepared!


The college application process was stressful before coronavirus, and now families have even more stress surrounding entrance exams and essay writing. Applerouth’s Complimentary Consultation Package, only available to clients of IECs, can allay those concerns.


Here’s a peek inside the process: Jenna gives us a quick demonstration of how to use online tutoring tools to support student learning!

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