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Congratulations, Class of 2017!

At Applerouth, one of our favorite times of the year comes in June, when we see our diverse cohort of subject and test prep students experience the fruition of their hard work in the form of higher SAT/ACT scores, higher grades in high school subjects, and admissions/scholarship offers. Regardless of how much time we spend with a student, be it a 2-hour review session or a 30-hour package, we value the opportunity to help our students experience success in the form of higher scores, admissions offers, scholarship awards, and stronger self-efficacy.

In April, when seniors were finding out about admissions and financial aid decisions, we reached out to learn where they decided to attend and if they had received any financial reward for the work they did to increase their standardized test scores. The results, as always, were astounding.

Of the students who got back to us, more than 66% had received financial aid: $3.5 million in total from schools that the students decided to attend, and over $10 million from schools that the respondents decided not to attend. Students received full-ride offers to the University of Southern California, Tulane, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, George Washington University, Emory, and the University of Georgia. We had multiple full-ride offers for National Merit finalists and semi-finalists, a direct result of tutoring for the PSAT/NMSQT.

The list of schools students decided to attend was diverse and impressive. Students were accepted to Ivy Leagues including Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Columbia, Brown, and the University of Pennsylvania. They received offers from northeastern schools including Boston College, Tufts, Swarthmore, Barnard, and NYU. They received thick envelopes from west-coast schools including Stanford. They were accepted to southern schools such as Duke, Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, Rice, and UVA. Other accepting institutions included Northwestern, and the University of Michigan.

Class of 2017, whatever school you decide to attend, all of us at Applerouth want to congratulate you and wish you the best of success as you take the next steps in college and beyond!

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