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Announcing Spraetz College and Career Coaching Services

Leigh Anne Spraetz, a licensed professional counselor and independent college and career counselor, is proud to announce the opening of her new practice, Spraetz College and Career Coaching Services. Ms. Spraetz has had a successful private practice for over 18 years in Alpharetta, GA. She has counseled well over 650 students in the college admissions process and has toured over 600 colleges while serving as President of Academic Futures, Inc.

In May of 2016, Ms. Spraetz will be semi-retiring from her full-time practice at Academic Futures, Inc. at The Summit Counseling Center. She will no longer be offering four-year packages for her students. She is shifting her focus to “a la carte” service, providing career counseling to high school students and young adults, as well as hourly sessions for college admissions counseling.

Ms. Spraetz explains her shift in practice focus, “At a time when I needed more flexibility in my schedule, I found that many of my students needed a flexible option as well. Previously, students contracted to work with me for up to four years, depending on the year in high school in which they started with me. I found there was a need for a more flexible option for those students who had a sense of direction but needed assistance putting it all together to present a strong profile for college applications, or for those who needed to focus on career exploration only. I have now developed an “a la carte” option with Spraetz College and Career Coaching Services. Students can pick and choose the services they need without signing up for a complete package. This addresses the pressures from their busy schedules; they can use me when they need me.”

Career Counseling, Essay Writing, and Application Assistance:

Ms. Spraetz reports that she is currently working with students who are “stuck” or struggling in college, due in part because they do not have a sense of direction or a vision for their future, as well as college students who are needing to declare a major but need career exploration and counseling to make an educated decision.

She is also counseling those who are gearing up to prepare for essays and applications, and students in high school who are shaping their high school experiences and activities, not with the purpose of “packaging themselves and padding resumes,” but to thoughtfully consider who they are, what their passions are, and where they want to make an impact in their high school. Ms. Spraetz advises on unique opportunities that fit students’ vision in order to target activities that make sense and help develop them. This then allows them to tell a streamlined story of who they are for applications. Her busiest times are in the summer and fall, when students are writing essays and completing applications. She will start working with rising seniors in June on preparing essays for applications.

Coaching and motivating youth, which allows them time to view their inner world and strengths in order to set goals and take ownership of their life direction, is her passion. Ms. Spraetz is dedicated to remaining innovative in order to reach students in a manner that lends respect and awe for who they can become.

To learn more about her service offerings, please visit her website at To schedule a free phone consult to learn more and to have questions answered, please email from her website or call 678-393-2035.


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