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Educational Consultant Spotlight: EducationOptions

My name is Jill Mueller and I’m the founder and owner of EducationOptions, located at 200 Bloomingdale Road in White Plains, NY. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Education and a master’s degree in Special Education with a concentration in neuropsychological disorders. I founded EducationOptions because I realized there was a significant need for educational consulting services and advising for students with learning disabilities. As an educational consultant, former teacher, special education advocate and parent, I’ve personally experienced the confusion, anxiety and stress that the college process brings on, especially when a student has learning differences, consequently; I’m passionate about educating students on their rights and options for independent school placement and all aspects of the college planning process.

Families have many questions that arise concerning accommodations on a college campus, FERPA laws (Family Education Rights Privacy Act), ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) and ACT/SAT testing accommodations. I advise students on many issues and topics such as whether to divulge a learning disability on an application, what types of support services colleges offer, how to obtain accommodations on a college campus and what standardized tests may be better for them to take. My greatest joy and passion is helping individuals find the right fit for college by learning as much as I can about each student’s personal goals, learning style, academic profile and then assessing how much support they might need at college. Planning for college can be overwhelming but adding a learning disability into the mix can make it feel more complicated.

Some of the services I offer are listed below:

College planning
SAT/ACT advising
Developing a college list
Brainstorming college essay topics
Developing an activities resume
Reviewing all IEP, 504 accommodations, report cards and evaluations to make accurate assessments and recommendations
Devise an alternative plan if college is being delayed i.e. Gap year, PG year, Therapeutic placement

The most important goal for me as an independent educational consultant, is to help a student find the best atmosphere where he or she can be successful and work to their academic potential, while feeling comfortable and secure in their school environment. I offer a one hour no-charge intake session, to assess a student’s needs. My background and experience has taught me that working with each individual must be a very personalized approach in order to find the “ best match”.
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