College Board Offers Free October Sitting for June Test Takers

I’m sure no one at the College Board cares to relive the month of June. The June test snafu caused the company front-page PR issues as it has been trying to gain credibility and trust for the redesigned SAT. Additionally, many juniors who were hoping to leave test preparation with their junior year now find that they will need to continue preparing over the summer for an October sitting in order to get the scores they need.

In an attempt to placate families, the College Board has offered to waive the October SAT signup fee for families who feel that they had a negative testing experience during June. In a phone call, the College Board stated that a student could keep his/her June test scores and still sit the October test free of charge.

If you feel that you did not do your best on the June test, you may want to consider giving the College Board a call at 866-756-7346 to talk through the options. It’s a small consolation for a stressful month, but with the extra $54.50 now in your pocket, you can treat yourself to a part of a massage, an oil change, or at the very least, a chai latte.

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