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Help Your Student Illuminate their Academic and Career Path with the YouScience Profile

Today’s high school students are very aware that the SAT or ACT are just pieces of the college admissions puzzle. Colleges are also reviewing the rigors of their coursework, as well as extracurricular activities such as sports, fine arts, volunteer endeavors and internships. After submitting the application, students are still faced with choice of A/P courses and many potentially life-changing decisions such as “Which college or university shall I attend,” “What major and minor programs should I select,” “Which career paths will optimize my natural talents and interests and will put food on the table.”

The YouScience Profile measures the student’s unique abilities (natural aptitudes) along with their interests, and maps these results to guide students toward their best opportunities.  The YouScience Profile distinguishes itself by providing the following:

  • 100% online so that students have 24×7 access
  • Continued access to their personal Profile as a consistent source of personal and career information for the next 10 years as students transition from high school to college to career
  • Aptitude assessments that use engaging exercises rather than self-reported surveys
  • An interest survey created by the Department of Labor which users can retake as they are exposed to new experiences
  • Career and academic path recommendations based on a combination of natural aptitudes and interests
  • Up-to-date information on approximately 500 careers including job forecasts, recommended education investments, and a personalized FIT profile to that career
  • Personalized feedback on natural abilities including self-language, tips, and aptitude descriptions
  • Downloadable reports making it easy to share information with advisors and parents
  • Easy to use self-language to improve college application essays, resumes, interviews and recommendation letters

The assessment is recommended for anyone age 16 or older who wishes to understand more about their aptitudes and how to optimize their opportunities in education, social and career decisions. Visit or call 844-YouScience (968-7243-623) to learn more about the program.

YouScience Venn Diagram

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