Educational Consultant Spotlight: Betsy Donnelly

Atlanta Educational Consultants was founded in 2004 by Betsy Donnelly, M.S. in response to the growing need for comprehensive educational consulting in the Atlanta metropolitan area. The decision to become an educational consultant was very intentional and based largely on personal experiences that provided insight into the struggles that many families face with the education of their children. While in graduate school studying Educational Psychology, Betsy’s research focus—studying reading comprehension at underperforming inner-city middle schools—only underscored her desire to work with at-risk and struggling adolescents. “Whether as a parent of learning-disabled children, or a clinician guiding other parents through a crisis with their own families, I am resolved to serve others in everything that I do.”

To stay current with the world of education and educational practices, Betsy travels extensively throughout the U.S. to gain first-hand knowledge of colleges, traditional and therapeutic boarding schools, schools for children with learning differences, and wilderness therapy and residential treatment programs. She is a Professional Member of the Independent Educational Consultant’s Association (IECA), an affiliate member of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP), and a member of the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, Inc. Betsy is co-author of a recently published book, Second Shelter—Family Strategies for Navigating Therapeutic Boarding Schools and Residential Treatment Centers.

In 2014, the practice grew to three consultants, as Ellen Brown, MA LPC and Sharon Dries, M.Ed. joined Betsy to provide expanded educational and counseling services to client families. As an independent practice, we are dedicated to helping families make knowledgeable decisions about the educational future of their children. Our emphasis is always on the individual—striving to find the best possible academic, social, and emotional environment to meet the needs of our client students.

Our Services include:

  • College Planning and Application Assistance
  • Recommendations for Traditional Day and Boarding Schools
  • Placement for Wilderness Therapy and Residential Therapeutic Programs
  • Young Adult Transition programs
  • Gap Year programs
  • Public School Advocacy (IEP/504 plans)
  • Professional Counseling—Individual and Group
  • Academic and Life Coaching for young adults and college-bound students

At Atlanta Educational Consultants, we follow a proven process that leads to objective decisions. It’s an integrative, collaborative process that involves each of the key players: our team, the parents, the student, and other academic professionals. We have the tools, resources and experience to help your family find the best educational solution for your student’s long-term success.

Betsy Donnelly, M.S.
Atlanta Educational Consultants
6000 Lake Forrest Dr., NW Suite 425
Atlanta, GA 30328

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