In Snow and Sleet and Freezing Rain? What to Do if Your Test Center is Cancelled

The forecast for New York City this Saturday is snow. What happens if my SAT is snowed out? How will I know? Can I reschedule for the same day?

The College Board provides a list of SAT Test Center Closings that it keeps updated. If a makeup date or alternate test center becomes available, it will be posted to that page.

The College Board will also notify local media outlets if a center is not able to open on a test day.

What do I do if my test center is closed?

If you check the College Board list of center closings and a new center appears on the list, you should sign into your account and print a new ticket with the new test center information. You’ll want to bring the updated ticket with you to the new test center.

If you check the College Board and a replacement center does not appear, the College Board will work to arrange a makeup date, and you will be notified once that date is scheduled. Unfortunately, you cannot try another test center without a ticket with that center’s information on it. Standbys and walk-ins will be turned away.

What if I’m a senior and this was my last chance to take the test?

Call your college and let them know of the situation. It is likely that there are other students who are in the same predicament. It is possible that colleges will let you take the March test and use that score for an admissions or scholarship decision. You might also consider taking the February ACT, if the score is needed sooner than March.

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