Harry Rosenholtz: College Sports Advisor

GPS for the Student Athlete™

Today’s accelerated recruiting environment demands that students prepare their athletic and academic portfolios earlier and better than ever before. As a former associate head hockey coach at Yale University and Quinnipiac (1999-2011), Harry Rosenholtz has unique insight into the unusual demands and extra pressures that are associated with the recruiting process, while recognizing the advantage that an “athletic hook” can be for students striving to attend outstanding colleges and universities.

Partnering with student-athletes to put an effective game plan into action, Coach Rosenholtz helps students navigate the recruiting journey seamlessly. He informs them about the most successful ways to communicate with coaches and prepares them for coaches’ interviews and campus visits. He develops personalized strategies to maximize their chances of being recruited. It’s like a GPS for the student-athlete!

Having been a recruiting decision maker, Coach Rosenholtz appreciates the thinking that coaches employ and understands the nuances of admissions’ policies for athletes and non-athletes alike at Ivy League, NESCAC and scholarship institutions.

Timing can be critical. Knowing what to say and how to say it can be the difference between a successful outcome and a frustrating one. Since beginning his service, Coach Rosenholtz’s guidance and educational advice has helped many students identify and later matriculate at their best-fit schools.

Coach Rosenholtz is also member of Dunbar Educational Consultants, one of the largest and most experienced independent educational consulting groups in the country, where he works on the college selection process, curriculum development, interview prep, application essay advice, and as their in-house guru for prospective student-athletes.

Harry Rosenholtz can be reached at collegesportsadvisor@gmail.com or at HRosenholtz@dunbarconsultants.com, or 203-815-9712.



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