SAT Final Review Bootcamp for June 4th

School is out for many Atlanta-area students, but before your child shifts from “school mode” to “summer mode” the June 4th SAT looms on the horizon. Want to leverage those last four days before the test? Hoping that June 4th is the last time your child ever has to think about the SAT? Then consider signing up for some or all of the in-depth final review sessions. Perform even better on the SAT with some highly practical, highly structured review in the final days leading up to the test!

Here’s what we’re offering (click on the session for more information):

Morning (9am to noon) Afternoon (1pm to 4pm)
Tuesday 5/31 Reading/Writing I Math I
Wednesday 6/1 Math II Reading/Writing II
Thursday 6/2 Reading/Writing III Math III
Friday 6/3 Math IV Reading/Writing IV

What Is The Goal?

To support and challenge our students who are preparing for the June 4th SAT. The primary goal of the instruction is to help put our students into position where they can achieve their desired SAT score. We hope that the constant exposure to the concepts will give students many added skills as well as increased confidence on the test.

What Will Be Covered?

We will cover all of the major content, concepts, and problem solving methods necessary to succeed on the SAT. We will do this through a mixture of content review, problem solving practice, and immediate feedback of right and wrong answers.

Who Will Benefit?

Anyone looking for guided SAT instruction filled with highly practical methods taught by seasoned tutoring veterans. Whether your child has been extensively committed to private tutoring over the last few months, or has attended an SAT group class, or has done some recent preparation on his own, little could surpass the value of receiving guided instruction with explanations of right and wrong answers.

How Many Sessions Should My Child Attend?

As many as his or her schedule and ability to benefit from classroom instruction allow. Not one of the lessons is redundant, though each lesson is complimentary.

Are Materials Included?

Any necessary materials, including The Fabulous Guide to the SAT and The Official SAT Study Guide, are included with the enrollment of at least one session.

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