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Online Proctoring – A New Way To Prep For The Test

With the introduction of our Online Proctor system (and online Answer Sheets), students can now take a mock test from anywhere with an Internet connection. Available now for all of our students, the Online Proctor can be accessed by logging into your ATS Account and clicking on the blue Online Proctor button.

With the Online Proctor you pick the test, SAT or ACT (more coming soon!), and the timing, regular or extended, and the system will instruct you as you complete the test. All you need is an actual copy of the test booklet, something to write with and an appropriate calculator. If you do not have a copy of the The Official SAT Study Guide or The Real ACT Prep Guide, free test booklets can be downloaded from The College Board or ACT, Inc. Before you begin your test, print out an answer sheet so you can write your essay (optional for the ACT) and bubble in your answers just like you would for the real test.

When you are done taking the test, you can get instant feedback with our online Answer Sheet system. The Answer Sheet allows you to get immediate results on all sections except for the essay, which we will grade for you as soon as possible. Your scores are saved to your account with a detailed grade report available at any time to help guide your test preparation. You can use the Answer Sheet any time (even without the Online Proctor) by clicking on the blue Answer Sheet button at your ATS Account.

For more information on how to use the Online Proctoring system, please visit its instructions page or contact us.

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