Welcome DC Summit Educational Group Students!

Applerouth Summit Tutoring

We are thrilled here at Applerouth Tutoring to announce that the Washington, D.C. branch of Summit Educational Group (mytutor.com) will now be part of our team.

Combining relationships and skills that can only come from a team of student-focused, innovative tutoring professionals will enable us to give all our students and parents the highest level of educational services.

As current Summit, current Applerouth and future Applerouth clients, you must have questions about how this merger will affect you. If your questions aren’t answered below, please contact our Client Specialists directly.

General Questions

What is Applerouth Tutoring?

Founded almost a decade ago in Atlanta, ATS has helped thousands of students prepare for and succeed on standardized college admissions exams like the SAT, the ACT and SAT Subject Tests. Our students have been accepted to the schools of their dreams, whether they were Ivy League institutions, prestigious Liberal Arts colleges or popular research universities. We currently operate in D.C., the New York Tri-State area and Atlanta. Read more about us.

What makes Applerouth Tutoring Services (ATS) different?

At ATS we know that every student is different and there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all study program. Our Client Specialists and individual tutors are committed to creating a customized plan that meets you and your family’s needs. Our tutors are highly experienced, extensively trained and student-focused. Together we will create a team that is solely focused on your student’s success.

Why did Summit and Applerouth merge?

As two student-focused companies that both offer a high-level of personalized client services, outstanding tutors, cutting edge materials and excellent results, we felt we could better serve our clients as a team. We believe we can better serve D.C. area families together as a team with 20 years of experience than separately.

How long has Applerouth been working in Metro-Washington, D.C. ?

ATS has be serving clients for the SSAT, SAT, ACT and academic subject tutoring in the D.C. area for almost two years.

What schools has Applerouth worked with in the area?

We have had the pleasure of working with many students in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia during our time in the area. We have worked with many public and private schools such as Sidwell Friends School, National Cathedral School and Georgetown Day School.

What is Applerouth’s average score increase?

Students who tutored privately with Applerouth for at least 16 hours saw an average increase of 212 points on the SAT. Students who were tutored by premium ATS tutors for the same amount of time saw an average of 305 points on the SAT.

Will the name change?

In Metro-D.C. ATS will be known as Applerouth Summit Tutoring for the next six to nine months to ensure a smooth transition. However, that name will be phased out and replaced with our standard name, Applerouth Tutoring Services. Please note that Applerouth, ATS, and Applerouth Summit are interchangeable and refer to our company.

Current Summit Clients

How does this merger benefit me?

Current Summit clients will have access to enhanced personalized resources such as in-depth session reports, detailed diagnostic test results and a dedicated Client Specialist to see you through the entire process from first mock test to graduation.

Students will also have access to our new innovative materials including online vocabulary quizzes, online mock tests and reports, and online review videos as they become available. Students will also benefit from Applerouth’s unique educational approach which incorporates Jed’s (the founder) years of studying counseling and educational psychology. In addition to just content, our tutors are taught to focus on students’ self-efficacy, metacognition and motivation—skills that will serve them throughout their academic careers.

What happens if I’ve already paid for all my tutoring up front?

ATS will honor any payments previously made to Summit Educational Group. If you have already paid for a package of tutoring hours you have not yet finished, you will not be charged again. You will be able to continue your tutoring as planned with the same materials and same tutors whenever possible.

What if I’ve begun tutoring, but pay for my hours as I go?

If you have already begun tutoring but you pay for your hours as you go, you may continue to do so. We will do everything in our power to keep you with the same tutor. If you’d like to switch tutors, please contact Client Services directly. You may buy more hours by phone or online.

What if I’d like to buy additional tutoring hours?

You may purchase additional tutoring hours by phone or online.

Who do I contact when I have customer service or billing questions?

Each current Summit client will be assigned a dedicated Client Specialist to work with you for the duration of your tutoring. ATS Client Services will contact each active Summit client to help you make the transition to the new site.

How do I log in?

If you are an active Summit client, your own dedicated ATS Client Specialist will contact you to set up your new ATS account. All the information from your previous Summit account will have been transferred to our internal system. If you have not been contacted by an ATS Client Specialist yet, please contact us directly so we make this transition as seamless as possible.

What happened to my mytutor.com account?

All of Summit’s mytutor.com accounts have been merged with Applerouth’s systems. If you have not been contacted to set up your new log-in information yet, please contact our Client Services Department.

Will I keep the same tutor?

ATS recognizes that a student’s achievement is often strongly influenced by the success of the tutoring relationship. We understand the importance of the tutor/student alliance and will do everything within our power to keep you with the same tutor. If, for whatever reason, you’d like to switch tutors, please contact your Client Specialist.

Will I use the same materials?

Students who have already begun a tutoring program with Summit, will continue to use their educational materials. These materials will be supplemented with ATS materials as the program continues.

Current Applerouth Clients

How does this merger affect me?

As a current ATS client, this merger will have little to no effect on you. You will retain the same tutor, materials and Client Specialist as you have had. Our teaming up with Summit in D.C., however, will make it possible to expand our academic tutoring offerings. If you would like additional specialty or academic tutoring for you student, please contact your Client Specialist directly.

New Clients

How will this merger benefit me?

By joining forces, ATS is able offer 20 years of experience helping students meet their academic goals to our new clients. Our Client Specialists and tutors work hand-in-hand to help develop and implement a personalized program of study to ensure your students meet of their academic and admissions testing goals. We will be able to add to our already qualified and talented pool of tutors and offer more specialty subject tutoring to new and current clients.

You will also have access to our detailed mock test reports, online vocabulary quizzes, in-depth tutoring session notes, and future innovative products like online mock tests, problem banks and teaching videos.

Applerouth is a trusted test prep and tutoring resource. We combine the science of learning with a thoughtful, student-focused approach to help our clients succeed. Call or email us today at 202-558-5644 or info@applerouth.com.