A checklist for college applications

College application season is coming up on us fast. Between taking the SAT/ACT, writing your application essay and collecting recommendations, it’s easy to overlook something. The following is a checklist you can use to ensure that you don’t forget any important steps in the process.

  • Check your application for misspelled words and grammatical errors. Make sure to enter N/A (Not Applicable) where applicable.
  • Write your own essays. Admissions officers know if your parents wrote them – especially if your admissions essay sounds like it was written by a forty-year-old person.
  • Enclose or attach your essays only after you have carefully proofread each essay for spelling, grammar, punctuation. (It’s best not to rely solely on your computer to proofread for you).
  • Don’t embellish your extracurricular activities or any other parts of your application.
  • Use a professional email address – anything with a combination of your first and last name (or initials) is best.
  • Enclose a photograph if required.
  • Keep a record of whom you’ve asked to submit Letters of Recommendation for you, and make sure they get sent.
  • Enclose a stamped and addressed envelope with each Letter of Recommendation.
  • Tell your school counselor where you’ve applied.
  • Submit a transcript request to your main office or registrar, and have your official transcripts sent to each school either by mail or electronically.
  • Date and sign each application as well as all of the recommendation forms (where required).
  • Request SAT, ACT and SAT Subject Test score reports to be sent to your colleges (they should be available in your counselor’s office).
  • Enclose or attach a check or money order, or make your credit card payment online for the application fee. If you write a check or money order, make sure it is made out to the correct party.
  • Mail or electronically send each application.
  • If you apply electronically, make sure you receive a confirmation receipt.

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