Too cool for school group? Start your own!

As the school year winds down and summer vacation is glimmering just ahead on the horizon, parents are trying to balance their lives with their kids’ busy schedules filled with summer trips, part-time jobs, volunteering, channel-surfing. Many people take the opportunity during the endless days of summer to get a jump start on preparing for college entrance exams. If you’ve always wanted to enroll your child in one of our small group SAT courses, but couldn’t find one flexible enough for your hectic schedule, now is your chance to create your own. Just grab a few friends and let the fun begin! We will provide the experienced, skilled tutor and the top-notch materials, all you provide is at least 3 students. The groups can meet at one of our locations or one of yours! Call or email today to find out how to create your own small SAT prep-group.

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