Study Skills: How to develop good habits before you get to college

The most important thing you can learn as you transition from high school to college is good study skills. Good study skills will form the foundation on which you build an outstanding college career. One of the most significant shifts you’ll see as you transition from high school to college is the shift in accountability from the school to the student—not to mention the sheer amount of homework you’ll be expected to do.

Learning good habits now will pay great dividends in the future. Below are some tips:

  1. Read, go to class, ask questions, do the homework. Be prepared for the class before you get there by reading about the topics that will be covered that day. Listen to the teacher in class, and ask questions about things you don’t understand. Do the assigned homework while the material is fresh—a general guideline is three hours of homework for every hour of class work. Set aside time for homework every night.
  2. Keep a separate notebook for each subject.
  3. Don’t procrastinate.  Waiting to study until the night before a test will do little to help you maximize your score.  You’ll find the best results if you follow the instructions in step #1.
  4. Give yourself a large, quiet workspace that is free from distractions.

Additionally, our Study Skills Success curriculum lends itself to private or group tutoring as it builds accountability in the student(s) from week to week to practice new strategies and then report back on their experiences. The 6 week structure is delivered in two hour sessions. Private tutoring for this course costs: $660 plus enrollment. Additional tutoring may be added for $55/hr.

For a group of 3 or more students, the Study Skills Success course is $399. Also with the group option, one private hour is included and private tutoring may be added for follow-up sessions. Locations include Peachtree Baptist Church (Toco Hills) and Century Center at Clairmont. We can also arrange a custom group at your location.

Contact us for more information about our study skills programs.

The Study Skills Success lesson plan:

  1. Assessment

    • How have you done academically in the past?
    • Where are you headed? (graph)
    • Goals: Short, mid and long term
  2. Organization

    • Explain use of subject binders
    • Organize work
    • Time management
    • Using a planner
  3. Teachers

    • Who are your teachers?
    • What do they expect?
    • How can we get them on your side?
    • Do they like extra credit?
    • How can you be successful in each teacher’s class?
  4. Setting Priorities

    • Week view
    • Plan ahead
    • Don’t let things sneak up on you
    • Using free periods
    • What needs to be done when
  5. Memorization Tricks

    • Drills
    • Flashcard
    • Mnemonics
  6. Note Taking

    • Note taking from book
    • Paraphrasing
    • Capturing important information
    • Learning what your teacher will test, what they think is important
  7. Rehearsing for a Test

    • Where to study
    • When to study
    • Who to study with
    • Reducing notes to one page and then re-writing page from memory
    • Active studying, thinking making connections
    • Quizzing yourself instead of just reading
    • Anticipating questions
  8. Taking the Test

    • Tips for MC, T/F, essay, short answer tests
    • Preview test before starting
    • Answer what you know first
    • Test anxiety
    • Final exam schedule (hour by hour)

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