Learning by Touch in the 21st Century (and we welcome your help!)

OK, we admit it. We love our iPods and iPhones here at Applerouth Tutoring Services!

We love them so much that we’re creating our very own iPhone and iPod Touch application to help students learn math and vocabulary. These “virtual” flash cards will complement our physical flash cards and provide another tool to help students learn the skills they need to get ahead.

An application is planned for the iTunes store in time for the March SAT with all our flash cards and access to YouTube videos of ATS Parents Meetings. It includes a mode in which students can study the cards and then quiz themselves without the definitions. Also, cards can be categorized into “clueless”, “getting it” and “got it” just like in our current vocabulary flash cards.

Here is where you can get involved: What features and content do you want to see in an iPhone or iPod Touch application for learning math and vocabulary?

The best and brightest ideas from our community of students, parents, counselors and tutors are needed to help us make the best application possible. We will award the top 3 suggestions with a code for a free version of the application as soon as it hits the iTunes store. Send as many ideas as you can think of and we will use your feedback now and in future updates to our website, materials and applications.

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  • Darlene Brooks

    My daughter is disabled and cannot use the physical flash cards so it takes an aide to work with her on these cards. The i Tunes ‘ virtual flash cards’ will be a GREAT addition to this tutoring program. My daughter uses i Tunes not only for music but also books for reading. She has also used i Tunes to place her Latin vocabulary words so she can learn at her own pace. I wish these were out now while she is in the class.

    Thank you!

    Darlene Brooks
    Atlanta Girls School