Beware the Ides of May

Well…not really May 15, but May 3. And then, only if you are a high school junior taking the SAT for the first time. Those of us in the tutoring business have long thought that the May exam was just a little bit harder than the other tests. Well, we’ve gone through and looked at all our results for all our students for all the SATs they have taken. Conclusion: May is murder. On average, first-time test takers (juniors) score about 100 points lower on the May exam than on any other exam. Let this be a warning to you. May is also a pretty rough second test, but a pretty decent third test.

What do our fancy statistics mean for those of you who have already taken the SAT? Third time’s the charm! On average, students’ scores increase with each test they take. Extra study time and increased confidence could be two contributing factors. Though the biggest score increase is seen from the first test to the second, most students to bump up a little on the third as well. If you are taking the SAT multiple times, do not slack on your practice during the in-between time, especially if it is months before your next test. Just like with horseshoes and hockey, practice makes perfect.

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