Calling All Procrastinators

Your time is up! ‘Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions, and boy, do I have one for you. Stop CRAMMING! That’s right; you read it. No more cramming. You’ve made it through all your end of term finals, but don’t breathe too deeply yet. There is a whole new semester gearing up and with it, more tests. This means…more studying! I know, it is terribly exciting, but please calm down enough to continue reading.

I personally am a member of Procrastinators Anonymous and completely understand where you are coming from. Why do something today that you can put off until tomorrow? Excellent question. When it comes to tests and reports, however, I have learned that organizing and managing my time have resulted in the best outcome. I’ve pulled my share of all-nighters, frantically scribbling (typing) until the wee hours of the morning. And EVERYONE around me suffered–my friends, my roommates, especially my grades!

Top Reasons Why Cramming should be Canned

1. You’ll become stressed out
2. You will loose sleep and become more stressed out
3. You’ll be stressed out and forget the answers, causing you to be even more stressed

So if not grades, what does cramming increase? Your stress level! And who wakes up in the morning thinking, “Gee, I’d really like some more stress today. That would be great!”

The argument in favor of cramming, which I have heard time and time again, is that you will more easily remember what you have just learned. This only works for your short term memory. To actually learn something, you need to input it into your long term memory. Still doubting? The following article, “Back to School: Cramming Doesn’t Work in the Long Term,” in Science Daily goes into further detail.

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