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One student's success is a team effort. Let's talk about it!

Join us for this exciting conversation series designed for students and parents to communicate, collaborate, and cultivate an environment that fosters support for the academic journey.

You'll get must-know insights on how the brain works (it's really cool!) and research-based tips on how to make studying more effective and optimize your student's output.

Sign up for the whole series or just the events that are of interest to you. If you can't make it live, we've got you: A recording will be sent to you.

Part 1: Brain Science 101 (How Learning Works)
Join educational psychologist Dr. Jed Applerouth's crash course on basic brain science. He'll provide practical tips on memory, motivation, creativity, persistence, how to curb anxiety, and more. These research gems make all the difference when it comes to school success.
Part 2: Polish Your Study Skills (How To Prepare)
Learn time-tested methods for helping students manage their time, get organized, and become more efficient at reading and note-taking. Polishing these skills is the secret to shining bright in school.
Part 3: Your Moment of Brilliance (How to Show What You Know)
Too often kids who know the material struggle to deliver a sparking final product. In this webinar, Dr. Applerouth and John Cadenhead, Applerouth's senior director of tutor services, will teach you how to show what you know. Time to let your inner brilliance shine through!

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About the Speakers

Jed Applerouth, PhD, is a teacher and an educational innovator. In addition to staying abreast of current research to optimize Applerouth's teaching strategies, Jed gives presentations throughout the country on topics ranging from improving motivation and tackling test anxiety to helping students with learning differences. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton Business School, and went on to receive a Master's in Counseling and Doctorate in Educational Psychology. When he's not speaking to parents, teachers, and counselors about education, Jed is a counselor, painter, and proud father.
John Cadenhead, Senior Director of Tutor Services, is responsible for hiring, training, and overseeing Applerouth's 200-plus tutors. In addition to setting and maintaining high standards for tutor training and development, John trains teachers throughout the world in SAT/ACT content and teaching strategies. John is a graduate of Emory University and Georgia State University. While finishing his Masters in Religious Studies at GSU, John taught philosophy and fell in love with teaching. He returned to GSU for his Masters in Teaching. John has taught from middle school to college and has tutored hundreds of Applerouth students.