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Keith Berman: Options For College

Options for College helps students get into and get the most out of college. OFC’s trained counselors use a program called The Way There that guides families and students through the three phases of the college admissions process. OFC’s experience in the Harvard and Yale admissions offices, keynoting admissions conferences at Wesleyan, MIT and Columbia, creating and running the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth’s College Prep course, running high school guidance programs and training hundreds of counselors around the world all come together to benefit your happiness and chances of admissions through the admissions process.

OFC does not stop at getting students in — they help students find internships and get the most out of college and career through Sic Itur Ad Astra, a newsletter and network that OFC alumni get access to for the rest of their lives. OFC students have had help running fundraisers, finding internships and much more through their affiliation with OFC. OFC finds what is special about each and every student and helps students build their identity as they go through the process.

In CTY’s thank-you letter to Options for College, the Director of Family Academic Programs summed up the goals at OFC of finding what is special in every student:

“You were able to reach each student and changed lives and created community. The feedback from each of the 200+ students who participated… was unanimously glowing over the past four years. I would be happy to share our experience with others and recommend Options for College for its methodology, practices and compassion.”

All OFC Services begin with a 90-minute Initial Consultation that you can sign up for at or by calling 877-OFC-INTL.

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